I always had a serious book condition. Together with coffee and multitasking, books are one of the main three I cannot do without.

My entire childhood was spent in front of my grandfather's book wall. I guess he could be blamed for my wine. In high school, my teacher used to send me to the library if he caught me drawing in my notebook. After a while, his morning class greeting began with, "good morning everyone, Yifat- go to the library."

I am grateful though, as I received the best education ever. As J.K. Rowling said, “When in doubt, go to the library." I still send my self to the library…

Here are my own publications, and further my favorites.

The Black & White project is a survey of 100 artists, and their B&W works. Canvas, papers and walls, International, Intergenerational, Just like we like it.

Produced originally for the Sluice art fair at 2016.

The #BringSomethingPink started with a large bucket of left over pink in my studio and turned into a long term obsession of mine and many others, 3 exhibitions so far and a large publication coming soon. here you can find the series that started it all through three different exhibition, in Montpellier, Cornillon and Brooklyn.

NO WAY OUT BUT UP, was my personal conclusion, in times of great challenges. This catalog hosts various works around that time.

This duet with Izabela Kowalczyk, was the first VIBRATION expo, I love the works in this book and the confrontation with Izabela’s work.

L’été du dessin 2018

A summer drawing residency, based in the south of France. Each artist prepared their page and together with the artist Margaux Fefe, we concluded the experience into a magazine publication.

From my bookshelves

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