LOOK&LISTEN is a french association, aiming to make the artistic process visible, accessible and meaningful to different publics, through means of research, production and publication.

LOOK&LISTEN is an art blog that spreads into real life activity. a reverse action, based on the notion of research, exchange and collaboration are primary tools for creating a meaningful artistic environment. 

LOOK&LISTEN is a physical space that mixes STUDIO, GALLERY & WORKSHOPS into one environment.

Association Members :

+ president / Pascal Nataf
+ Secretary / Isabelle gonzalez
+ treasury / Béatrice Beha

+ Artistic director / Yifat Gat
+ Administrative director / Manon Derot
+ Workshop Director / Caroline Schermesser


the LOOK&LISTEN space is located at the entrance to the ancient 'La poudrerie Royale' park in Saint-Chamas.

St-Chamas is a small fisherman village at the northern part of the 'l'étang de Berre' lake, in Provence. located between Aix, Marseille, Arles a Avignon. 25 min from the MP airport, or by TGV to Miramas. 

the space is open every saturday from 10:00-20:00 
or by appointment.  

 7 Rue Augustre Fabre
Saint Chamas 13250. France.

for more details, contact: lookalisten@gmail.com



Atelier d'Yifat Gat propose 
Cours de Dessin / Peinture
Adultes, Ados, Enfants

tous les samedis après-midi

Cours à l’unité 15€
Carte de 10 cours 120€ (12€ le cours)
Carte de 25 cours 250€ (10€ le cours)

*Une série de cours avec des artistes invités seront annoncés séparément

La POUDRERIE 7 Rue Augustre Fabre. Saint Chamas 13250. France.

Contact pour inscriptions et renseignements

Caroline Schermesser -


Ongoing Drawing / Painting classes are held every Saturday afternoon. A Series of workshops with guest artists will be announced separately.


Exposition Space

LOOK&LISTEN exhibition space hosts curatorial projects, highlighting the link between the local and international artists communities. 

The gallery space is open every Saturday from 10:00-20:00 or by appointment 

Curatorial Projects Archive :
2013 - Emergence (Collaboration)
2012 - Five


for more details : lookalisten@gmail.com 



the LOOK&LISTEN blog will be edited into a yearly printed publication.

for more details, contact : lookalisten@gmail.com



LOOK&LISTEN propose a marriage of the Artistic and the Business environment.

hand tailored programs to fit the needs of each partner, the LOOK&LISTEN Archive of knowledge, information and experience is here to create a win win situation for all sides.

+ refreshing employers work experience,
+ building your public image
+ serving for tax purposes

through workshops, site specific installations, wall works, FMR or permanent exhibition ,action in the community or simply building the company collection.

LOOK&LISTEN is here to listen to your artistic needs.