Suzan Frecon

Photograph by Jamme
Suzan Frecon with John Yau / by John Yau

One Sunday afternoon last month at Suzan Frecon’s Hell’s Kitchen studio, Rail’s consulting editor John Yau spoke with the painter about her new body of work which will be exhibited at Peter Blum Gallery from November 17 to January 14, 2006.
John Yau (Rail): How many paintings will be in your show?
Suzan Frecon: Five to seven large paintings.
Rail: Will some be two panel, stacked paintings, which are like two paintings in one.
Frecon: Yes. They are nine feet tall. I was working on just half that format which is precisely geared towards the dimensions that generate the rest of the painting. Then I put one on top of the other because I was trying another idea. I found that this format coincidentally corresponded to the proportions of “carpet pages” of The Lindesfarne Gospels. I was delighted by this coincidence. It reinforced the format that I have been working with for maybe ten years.
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