Laterna Magica 2017 - Théâtre du Centaure - Fotokino, Marseille.

This experience has been a pleasure. I was a FOTOKINO fan since I first arrived to the south of France and was excited to receive their invitation. Not only I loved working with their team I also appreciated the offer of working in such a beautiful space: Théâtre du Centaure, Marseille.

Drawing: Yifat Gat

Music: Virgil Abela

Centaure: Manolo

photos & Video: Julia Gat

In December 2004, Fotokino proposed the first edition of Laterna magica, a transdisciplinary and undisciplined event offering 4 weeks of images and imaginations in Marseille for everyone. Exhibitions, screenings, workshops, meetings ... Since 2013, Laterna magica integrates the official program of the European Capital of Culture and is available throughout the year.,470

Théâtre du Centaure is a family of equines and humans who have built together a community of life and creation. Village, stables, workplace, ten people, and ten horses work every day to achieve a utopia. Obviously, the Centaur does not exist. It is the utopia of a relationship, a symbiosis to be one to two. "It is impossible because it is a utopia"

After the performance, we added white surfaces all around and the public drew with their fingers on the windows. it was an amazing moment, since it became very clear that painting could never die since people of all ages origins and background were drawn to the action. it's clear that drawing lives in all of us, we just need to create the right context to release it...

139 x Park, Tilburg.

The exhibition is based on the blog Nothing But Good, an initiative of René Korten, Reinoud van Vught (both members of the PARK working group) and Michael de Kok.

On the blog 'Nothing but good', artists are invited from all over the world to talk about their work in relation to a dead artist's work. showing that they are in a tradition. They connect with an artist who no longer lives, but who had great influence on their work.

with : Ky Anderson (US), Linda Arts (NL), Marjolijn van den Assem (NL), Andrew Baron (US), Yves Beaumont (BE), Paul Behnke (US), Simon Benson (UK/NL), Dick van Berkum (NL), Karl Bielik (UK), Alain Biltereyst (BE), Paul Bogaers (NL), Thomas Bogaert (BE), Valerie Brennan (IE/CY), Koen van den Broek (BE), Hans de Bruijn (NL), Mynke Buskens (NL), Jean-marie Bytebier (BE), Caren Canier (US), Tom Claassen (NL), Aquil Copier (NL), Paul Corvers (NL), Lisa Couwenbergh (NL), Andrew Crane (UK), Anthony Cudahy (US), Vincent Dams (NL), Klaus Dauven (DE), Lieven Decabooter (BE), Johan De Wilde (BE), Piet Dieleman (NL), Bruno Dunley (BR), Henk Duijn (NL/FR), Anet van de Elzen (NL), Hadassah Emmerich (NL), Joseba Eskubi (ES), Kris Fierens (BE), Matthew F Fischer (US), Anne Forest (NL), Ruth Freeman (US), Yifat Gat (IL/FR), Peter Geerts (NL), Julika Geissler (DE), Robin Gerris (NL), Fik van Gestel (BE), Joris Geurts (NL), Bernard Gilbert (BE), Harry Haarsma (NL), Bettie van Haaster (NL), Jasper Hagenaar (NL), Harm Hajonides (NL), José Heerkens (NL), Caren van Herwaarden (NL), Lesley Hicks (UK), Luc Hoekx (BE), Seet van Hout (NL), J&B (Bert Frings) (NL), Henri Jacobs (NL/BE), Wil Jansen (NL), Arjan Janssen (NL), Nour-Eddine Jarram (MA/NL), Matthias Kanter (DE), Bas Ketelaars (NL), Bram Kinsbergen (BE), Hans Klein Hofmeijer (NL), Michael de Kok (NL), Claudia Kölgen (NL), Rabi Koria (SY/NL), René Korten (NL), Arno Kramer (NL), Rens Krikhaar (NL), Christiaan Kuitwaard (NL), Theo Kuijpers (NL), Gabriëlle van de Laak (NL), Katinka Lampe (NL), Rudy Lanjouw (NL), Suzanne Laura Kammin (US), Jorn van Leeuwen (NL), Jai Llewellyn (UK), Bart Lodewijks (NL/BE), Bert Loerakker (NL), Margriet Luyten (NL), Damien Meade (UK), George Meertens (NL), Janus Metsaars (NL), Rob Moonen (NL) , Wladimir Moszowski (BE), Charlotte Mouwens (NL), Thomas Muff (CH), Mai van Oers (NL), Olphaert den Otter (NL), Rob de Oude (NL/US), Elka Oudenampsen (NL), Alex Paik (US), Tom Palin (UK), Jan van de Pavert (NL), Stijn Peeters (NL), Stefan Peters (BE), Tinka Pittoors (BE), Uwe Poth (DE/NL), Har van der Put (NL), Anke Roder (NL), Gideon Rubin (IL/UK), Willem Sanders (NL/IT), Serban Savu (RO), Simon Schrikker (NL), Ward Schumaker (US), Martijn Schuppers (NL), Marena Seeling (NL), Joseph Semah (IL/NL), Bart Slangen (BE), Roland Sohier (NL), Attila Szűcs (HU), Johan Tahon (BE), Toon Teeken (NL), Josine Timmer (NL), Sabine Tress (DU), Elizabeth de Vaal (NL), Nico Vaerewijck (NL), Luc Vandervelde Lux (BE), Rinus Van de Velde (BE), Bart Vandevijvere (BE), Johan Van Mullem (BE), John Van Oers (BE), Amy Vensel (US), Sarah Verbeek (NL), Ágota Veres (HU), Toon Verhoef (NL), Koen Vermeule (NL), Jorge Vicen (ES), Henk Visch (NL), Cecilia Vissers (NL), Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch (NL), Reinoud van Vught (NL), Wim Wauman (BE), Lutz Weidler (DE), Isabella Werkhoven (NL), Mathieu Wernert (FR), Hans de Wit (NL), Marthe Zink (NL), Albert Zwaan (NL)

Fotokino workshop @ klap Marseille / #DanseDessin

This year I was happy to participate at the local FOTOKINO festival Laterna magika 2017.

We held two DanseDessin workshops at The klap - a dance center in Marseille.

We played with tape, marble dust, paper cutting, poska on photocopies of dance pics and had much fun ...


marble dust

paper cuts

we drew with poska on dance images of the klap and hanged an exhibition on the wall

Thank you all who participated ! big and small...

pics by julia gat

Around "Seasons : Etel Adnan", Espace despalles Paris.

Opening 19.10, my second collaboration with at Espace Despalles, Paris. Last year I curated there the exhibition #BringSomethingPink. this year I was looking to create a more intimate ensemble.

When I first visited Johannes Strugalla's exposition, I fall in love with the book he created. 'Seasons' is a collection of poems by the great Etel Adnan, with woodcuts by him.

I asked three painters to join me in responding to this beautiful book, the expo will feature works by Gabriele Herzog, Marion Piper, Jordan Madlon, and my own.

Johannes Strugalla, Espaces Despalles editions and gallery, Paris.

Gabriele Herzog, Berlin.

Jordan Madlon *winner of the L&L prize for Jeune Création 2017

Yifat Gat

Marion Piper, London



Around "Seasons : Etel Adnan", Espace despalles Paris.

Johannes Strugalla, Marion Piper, Yifat Gat, Gabriele Herzog, Jordan Madlon*

*winner of the L&L prize for Jeune Création 2017

Opening : 19 October 18h

Espace Despalles
16 rue Sainte-Anastase
75003 Paris