BROWN - Yifat Gat

"Working with duo-tone as a graphic designer before everything was computerized, we had to choose between two options , 2 colors or 4 colors. the duo-tone being the cheapest. those machines couldn't separate colors, so we gave them the design in black and white, and choose the colors out of a catalog, just like in the silk screen process.

that strategy stayed with me, i like to think i know how to hold a frame even without colors. and than being a colorist, i like to choose and add them in a designer like mode.

Before this show came up , i realized i want to work with brown and a color, and not just any two colors. thats why the show was named brown. true that later in the process i realized the pink series is too complete to ignore, so it became the show, suddenly BROWN wasnt true information, and stayed more like a joke" Yifat Gat @ OT Cornillon-Confoux 30.4-13.5