PewDiePie & Socrates

If you are raising a teen you must have heard of this guy PewDiePie, He has more than 90 millions followers on YouTube and considered by his fans as a culture hero/ gamer / meme reviewer / an original creator (vs the evil YouTube channel ) and a celeb / artist.


I am not sure what made this oxymoron happened but here PDP charming his way through the republic by Socrates.

And why should one listen?

One of the ideas discussed in this book is that philosophers are happier because they are all about the truth.

What is the truth? I know I am extremely interested in how things are. how systems work. what works what doesn’t work. expression and impact. Is that the truth?

Looking at the art world we are such a living example of how each has his own truth and each argues that is the official truth.

So can one be interested in “D” truth or its forever a personal context truth?


Fix & Flow

The studio has always been a place of study for me. The force of what works and what not left me no choice but to adopt a student attitude. 

Over the years I realize that things I learned in the studio are actually good for life too. Not everything is relevant to daily life but some are.  

One of those thing is the concept of Fix&Flow. What it meant in the start was how can I build a work practice if the work itself is so different everytime I go in.  

I go with one intention and I end up with another realization almost as if I have no say in the matter. At one point I decided to agree to have no say because I realized it gets me better results.  

So what do I do? I decided to view work as a flow like a river. I decided my responsibility was to solidify the river banks Wich I call the fix.  

So having a studio space is a fix. Having studio time is a fix. Bringing materials into the studio is a fix. But beyond that I'm just learning to surf.  

A surfer is a good example. You don't go to the ocean claiming the good wave you had last wensday. But you can come every Wendsday and deal with the wave you get.   

Since noticing this complimentary forces I came to learn more about the fix and the flow. For example in context of kids education I realize the difference between a control and a support system is in the fix and flow. Control micro manage both. Support deals only with the fix.  

For example as an unschooling mom I took my kids to the English book store in Aix once a week. What book they got and how long they were going to take to read it was non of my buisnes.  

A school system would want a kid to read a certain book at a certain rythem. And that in my world is violent and intrusive.  

How can the world revolution we are undergoing now become successful? By building support systems. How can we each do that individually? By focusing on the fix that enables the flow. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank seth godin for his work, that inspired me to start taking this blog as a true outlet for my ideas and thought and not only a news or research tool as it was before. 

In that sense the blog is the fix and the posts are the flow :)  



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Hope for the Niche Artist

The world is changing, and with it the industries. The value exchange in the world, used to be structured into a hierarchical industries with gatekeepers etc. now undergoing transformation.

Just like sandman turned to sand in the marvel spider-man movie the art industry is going through a similar process

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Ward Schumaker and the Painter's Radio

When I do my walks, I sometimes TedTalk to myself, explaining universal truths etc. One of my favorites subjects is that we painters are tuned to a transparent radio and we do our best to broadcast it to the public who cant hear it otherwise, the talk goes on and on about the structure of the old art world and how it shifts now, but to stay on point, some of us are tuned to the exact same radio station, hence explaining why the natives in the Australian desert and the 60’s in New York have so much in common.

Today I have this great example to share, with you.

When I shared my latest series Yellow pages, my dear San-Fransisco friend Ward replayed he was working on a book with the same title and similar colors, here, have a look :

Isn’t that great ?

you can learn more of Ward’s work here

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